What are the various functions used in MariaDB?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


The main basic functions are:

    • SUM (): This function is used to summed all values in the expressions and returns the final result. In case, if there are no values in the expressions, then it returns a null value.

Syntax: Select SUM from tables where conditions.

    • MIN (): It is used to find the minimum value from all of the expressions present in the table. It can also accept the string arguments and return the minimum string values.

Syntax: Select MIN from table;

    • MAX (): It is opposite to MIN function. We can see it from the name that this is used to return the maximum value of an expression from the table. Same as MIN (), it also returns maximum string value if the argument is a string in form.

Syntax: Select MAX from table;

    • AVG (): This function is used to find the average value of the expressions in the table. This means it retrieves the average value of an expression.

Syntax: Select AVG (aggregate expression) from table;

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