What are the different types of prompts in Cognos

Avinash Sankar
Avinash Sankar

Posted On: Apr 08, 2020


There are several kinds of prompts that we can utilize in Cognos.

  • Search and SELECT PROMPT: Search and Select Prompt recovers rates based on search criteria that users define. Information is then recovered based on rates users pick from the exploration results.
  • VALUE PROMPT: Value Prompt recovers data founded on rates that we pick from a record.
  • TIME PROMPT: Time Prompt recovers data founded on a point that you pick. Utilize this control to limit a record to a distinctive time or period range.
  • DATE PROMPT: Date Prompt recovers data founded on a Date that you pick. Utilize this command when we are separating a dateline.
  • INTERVAL PROMPT: Interval Prompt recovers data founded on a period interval that you specify. Use this control to retrieve data that is related to the passage of time.
  • TIME and DATE PROMPT: Time and date Prompt recovers data founded based on a date and time that you pick.
  • TREE PROMPT: Tree Prompt recovers data founded on values we pick from a list. Values are arranged hierarchically.

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