What are the differences between the UX and UI?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Difference Between UI and UX

    UX: UX is short for User Experience, how the user interacts with the application defines their user experience of the application. The way an application behaves determines its user experience, as some application is very smooth to interact with, some are clunky or confusing, this depends on the interface that is created by the UI designers. UX and UI both require different skill sets to develop but they are integral to each other, none of them can sustain alone.

    No design created by the UI designer can work if the UX(User Experience) of the application is confusing or clunky, hard to navigate, but a great design, when combined with brilliant and smooth user experience, will make the application just perfect. Both UX and UI need to be executed flawlessly and perfectly so all the features work exactly as they should and just the way the designer or the application developer has imagined.

    UI: UI is short for User Interface, The graphical layout of the application is known as its User Interface(UI). The user interface of an application includes the buttons on which the user can click, the text that is readable by the user, the images that they can view, the fields in which they enter texts and all the other things that users can interact with. It also includes the layout of the screen, that means how a page will be shown on the screen to the user, the transition effects while users change the screens by clicking its buttons, the animations user can see when they click something in the app and every single notable change in the page.

    Even the small effects, animations and interactions are designed. The job of making it interactive is on the shoulders of the User Interface(UI) designers. The UI designers are the one who gets to decide and control how the application will look and interact with the users. UI designers are the ones who decide the color, shape, and transitions of the buttons layouts, the type and the size of the fonts used, the length and the width of the lines or other graphics used in the layout. The feel and the look of an application are designed by the UI designers.

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