What are advantages and disadvantages of NoSQL?


Posted On: Apr 11, 2024


Advantages of NoSQL

  • Using the new node concepts, the database of NoSQL can be expanded to the set limit. Low commodity hardware takes this point as an added advantage.
  • NoSQL databases are used to store a massive volume of information. Big data and recently posted user reviews utilize the concept of NoSQL.
  • There is no expensive administration required to monitor the database of NoSQL.
  • NoSQL can be installed with cheap economy instead of spending money on complicated systems.

Disadvantages of NoSQL

  • Since NoSQL is a new technology of database storage, there are many other systems in the market which are already leading in the market.
  • The previously built systems have the support available round the clock, but the NoSQL support system is less comparatively.
  • Since NoSQL is a new technology, it is not supporting the old commands that are used in the system.

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