Mention the Key components of Hibernate?


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    Hibernate is a popular object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for Java applications that provides a high-level abstraction for working with relational databases. Some of the key components of Hibernate are:

    • Configuration: Hibernate is highly configurable and allows developers to customize its behavior based on their specific needs. The configuration is typically done using an XML or Java-based configuration file.
    • SessionFactory: The SessionFactory is responsible for creating and managing Hibernate Sessions. It is a thread-safe object that should be created once during application startup.
    • Session: The Session is a single-threaded object that provides a connection to the database and serves as the primary interface for interacting with the database. It is responsible for managing the persistence of objects and performing database operations such as inserts, updates, and deletes.
    • Transaction: The Transaction interface provides a way to manage database transactions in Hibernate. Transactions ensure that a set of database operations are treated as a single unit of work and are either all committed or all rolled back in case of an error.
    • Query: The Query interface provides a way to retrieve data from the database using Hibernate's query language called Hibernate Query Language (HQL). HQL is similar to SQL but uses object-oriented concepts instead of tables and columns.
    • Mapping metadata: Hibernate uses mapping metadata to define the mapping between Java classes and database tables. The mapping metadata can be defined using XML or annotations. Connection provider: Hibernate uses a Connection provider to manage database connections. The Connection provider is responsible for creating, opening, and closing connections to the database.

    These components work together to provide a powerful and flexible ORM solution for Java applications.

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