List types of Http requests?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Http defines a set of request methods to perform the desired actions. These request methods are:

  1. GET: The GET method asked for the representation of the specifies resource. This request used to retrieve the data.
  2. POST: The POST technique is utilized to present an element to the predetermined resource, generally causing a change in state or reactions on the server.
  3. HEAD: The HEAD method is similar to the GET method but asks for the response without the response body.
  4. PUT: This method is used to substitute all current representations with the payload.
  5. DELETE: It is used to delete the predetermined resource.
  6. CONNECT: This request is used to settle the TCP/IP tunnel to the server by the target resource
  7. OPTION: This method is used to give back the HTTP strategies to communicate with the target resource.
  8. TRACE: This method echoes the message which tells the customer how much progressions have been made by an intermediate server.
  9. PATCH: The PATCH method gives partial modifications to a resource.

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