List some advantages of using optical fibres?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Sep 23, 2020


Optical fibers use light pulses to convey information. It is faster than a traditional electric system which uses electric pulses.

There are some Advantages :

  1. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): As optical fiber uses light to transmit the information rather than electrons, it does not radiate EM. So, this make optical fiber very important in many applications
  2. Telecommunication and gaming firms:
    ● As the optical fiber remove the cross talk between the telecommunication lines, it is widely used in telecommunication equipment nowadays
    ● Many institutions and gaming manufacturers use the optical fiber for the security as it is not possible to tap into a fiber cable without detection.
  3. High Bandwidth: Another major advantage of using optical fiber is that it has a high bandwidth in opposition to transmission media. It not only provides longer transmission but also the speed is relatively high. That is the reason why many telecommunications use optical fiber for all undersea long-haul telecommunications.
  4. Remove ground loop error: Fiber isolates two different voltage potentials and insulates in high-voltage areas. For example, it will eliminate errors due to ground-loop potential differences and is ideal for data transmission in areas subject to frequent electrical storms, and presents no hazard to the field installer.
    Optical fiber is perfect for using in those areas which are more prone to electrical storms as it eliminates the errors that occur because of ground-loop potential differences.
  5. Weight: Coaxial cables are heavier than the plastic fibre cable. If we compare the transmission of a 500 megabits of data per unit time a coaxial wire is 800 per cent heavier than the fibre cable.

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