List few advantages of using JavaScript?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Few advantage og Javascript

  • Javascript is executed on user's computer, the meaning is that whatever you do in Javascript will not add any processing strain on the server. and that's why it is called as the client-side programming language. And this feature makes your sites responsive for the end user and less expensive for you in terms of server traffic.
  • With the help of Javascript, you can create highly responsive interfaces which will improve the user experience and provide dynamic functionality, without waiting for the server to show another page.
  • If you want to make online systems available offline and sync automatically once the computer goes online, then Javascript is the best technology you can use. you can do this using the right browser add-ons (Such as Google or Yahoo Browser Plus).
  • Content loading and changing it dynamically. Using Ajax in Javascript you can load content into the document if and when the user needs it, without reloading the entire page.
  • Using the Principles of unobtrusive JavaScript(defensive Scripting), JavaScript can test for what is possible in your browser and react accordingly.

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