List different types of API's available in HTML5?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


There are lots of APIs available in HTML5 that add additional abilities to your application. Some of the popular API's are:

  • Media API - It is used to add video and audio elements to your application. It has in-built methods to pause, play, load, etc.
  • Text Track API - It is used to add text tracks to audio and video source. The subtitle is a good use of the Text Track API.
  • High-Resolution Time API - It is used to provide accurate current time in sub-millisecond.
  • Vibration API - It is used to offer vibration response to user touch. It enhances the user experience by providing a great response.
  • Drag and Drop API - It is used to add drag and drop functionality to your application.
  • HTML Geolocation - This API is used to get a geographical position of a user.
  • HTML Web Workers - It is used to run JavaScript files in the background without interrupting the user interface.

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