In Storm, tell us about the stream groups that are built-in?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Storms consist of 8 stream grouping that is built-in. These are :

  • Shuffle Grouping
  • Field Grouping
  • Partial Key Grouping
  • All Grouping
  • Global Grouping
  • None Grouping
  • Direct Grouping
  • Local Grouping
  • In Shuffle Grouping, the same quantity of tuples is distributed to every bolt in a random manner.
  • The stream is divided with the help of fields that are specified in the grouping, in Field Grouping.
  • Partial Grouping is similar to field grouping as the stream is divided with the help of the field that is specified in the grouping but is different in the sense that it gives resources that are better utilized.
  • All Grouping should be used carefully since the stream is duplicated across the task of all bolts.
  • Local Grouping is also known as Shuffle Grouping.
  • Direct Grouping is a different type of grouping than others. In this, it is decided by the producer that the task will be received by which task.
  • In Global Grouping, the complete stream goes to each of the tasks of bolts.
  • In None Grouping, the grouping of stream need not have cared.

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