How to install gulp?

Posted On: Jan 05, 2021


To install gulp, You can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Installing Node.js

You can use the following set of commands to add node.js PPA in your Ubuntu system and install it.

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

curl -sL | Sudo -E bash - Sudo apt-get install nodejs

If you have successfully installed node.js and NPM on your system

node --version

npm --version

Step 2 – Install Gulp.js on Ubuntu

After Step 1 You can use the following commands to install Gulp CLI globally on your system.

npm install -g gulp-cli

When You have successfully installed the Gulp CLI tool on your system.

Switch to your existing node.js application directory or create a new application with the below commands:

mkdir my-project && cd my-project

node init

Then add the Gulp module to your project

npm install --save-dev gulp

When all is done, Let’s check the installed version of Gulp CLI on your system and the Gulp module in your application with the following command.

gulp --version

CLI version: 2.2.0

Local version: 4.0.2


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