How host objects are different from native objects in JavaScript?


Posted On: Nov 23, 2022


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    Difference between Host Objects and Native Objects:

    Host Objects: Objects are basically classified into two objects that are host objects and native objects. Host objects are those objects in JavaScript which are supplied in a certain environment. They may vary each time, in fact, it is always observed that they are not always the same because of the difference between each environment. Also, each environment contains host objects whose main function is to accommodate the execution of ECMAScript. A browser’s example can be taken as an instance.

    The browser environment supplies many objects, one of them being, a window. Whereas, on the other hand, node.js or the server supplies different objects such as the NodeList. These objects are created and provided to the host, which is JavaScript by the environment. The most popular host objects include the console object. Console object consists of many methods such as .log(), .error(), .table(), .dir() and many more. JavaScript always works as the context of the host environment, thus it shows several changes when the host objects are changed.

    Native Objects: Native objects, also known as built-in objects, are standard and pre-defined objects which are provided by JavaScript. Native objects can also be referred to as global objects because they are those objects which are provided by JavaScript natively for several useful purposes. They are available to the users all the time by JavaScript, as long as the user wants, irrespective of the system or the environment in which the JavaScript code is running.

    There are a huge number of native objects used in JavaScript. Some of the commonly used objects are String( ), Number(), Boolean(), Array(), Object(), Function(), Date(), Error() and many more. Some of the objects of this category can be used as a constructor or some of them may hold a primitive value. Native objects do not change according to the environment which proves beneficial to the developers as well as coders. It can be considered as the set of basic objects which act as the building blocks for building any kind of JavaScript code.

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