Give an example of how an AppManifest.xml file looks like.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Consider the following example:

<Deployment xmlns=""
<AssemblyPart x:Name="SilverlightApplication1"
Source="SilverlightApplication1.dll" />
<AssemblyPart x:Name="System.Windows.Controls"
Source="System.Windows.Controls.dll" />
<AssemblyPart x:Name="System.Windows.Controls.Extended"
Source="System.Windows.Controls.Extended.dll" />

The essential part of AppManifest.xaml includes the Deployment hub. This centre portrays the administration and encompasses the child AssemblyPart hubs. As ought to be evident the AssemblyPart hubs describe which assemblies (DLLs) are limited inside the .XAP record, and give each one a name. Directly, if one recalls up to as well as can be expected, obviously observe that the Deployment hub has an EntryPointAssembly as well as EntryPointType properties.

The EntryPointAssembly quality describes which gathering portrayed underneath as a child AssemblyPart hub is the principle assembly (DLL) aimed at all the accessible applications. Likewise, the EntryPointType attribute demonstrates the class delimited inside the get together (DLL), described in the EntryPointAssembly property is a major class that will be required to be instantiated to start the association. The Deployment hub furthermore has a RuntimeVersion trademark that decides the type of Silverlight the implication is worked for.


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