Explain what is JSTL?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Answered by Satyam Jaiswal

    JSTL stands for the JSP Standard Tag Library is a standard tag that allows you to control the behaviors of the JSP page. JSTL helps in fast development and code reusability. If you are using a JSTL tag then there is no need for using a scriptlet tag. List of different JSTL tags is as follows,

    • Core tags: They are used for providing variable support, flow control, and URL management.
    • Function tags: These tags are used for providing support to the string length and string manipulation.
    • Formatting tags: It is used for the support of date formatting, message formatting, and number.
    • XML tags: The feature of this tag is to provide transformation, flow control and much more.
    • SQL tags: The JSTL SQL tag gives the SQL support.

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