Explain what is continuous testing?


Posted On: Apr 08, 2020


Continuous Testing is the method of executing computerized analyses as a section of the software transmission pipeline to receive feedback on the trade risks connected with a software discharge applicant as speedily as feasible. It develops and increases test computerization to approach the extended complexity and speed of advanced application advancement and performance.

Few of the advantages of Continuous Testing are:

  • Quicken software delivery
  • Constant testing increases code quality
  • It aids to evaluate exact industry risk coverage.
  • It seamlessly blends into the DevOps Process
  • It assists to build an active and safe process in merely hours rather than months.
  • Quickens time-to-market with a constant feedback device.
  • Fuses traditionally siloed organizations to satisfy modern business needs. Dissolves disconnect among development, measurement, and procedures teams.
  • Test Computerization helps to deliver consistency by controlling the same arrangement for all notable tests.
  • Maintains marketing expectations to lessen business risks
  • Rendering ubiquitous examination environment entrance with Service Virtualization.

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