Explain the important benefits of Hibernate framework?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Few important benefits of Hibernate framework are:
  • Hibernates allows us to focus on business logic, eliminating all the boiler-plate code that comes with JDBC and handles the resources.
  • Code implementation becomes independent as Hibernate framework provides the support for XML and also to the JPA annotations.
  • HQL is powerful Query Language which is similar to SQL, and HQL understands the concepts of polymorphism, inheritance, and association, which makes it fully object-oriented.
  • Better performance can be achieved by Hibernate cache.
  • It supports Lazy initialization with the use of proxy objects and when required performs actual database queries.
  • We can execute native SQL queries using hibernate for vendor specific feature.

On the whole, hibernate makes it a better choice in the current market for ORM tool, as it contains all the features that you will require in an ORM tool.

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