Enlist major differences between Flux and Redux?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Difference Between FLUX AND REDUX

    This time around we are stopping by two close brothers in the Web Framework world. Here we are going to talk about Flux and Redux and try to differentiate their roles in networking. The story begins with React and AngularJS, which are JavaScript libraries that refer to the set of pre-written JavaScript codes that are used by the developer to build JavaScript-based applications without putting in many efforts.

    The library is like a market store where a cook visits in order to buy stuff necessary to make his dish which is premade. For example, if he wishes to make a Pizza at home, he can buy a Pizza base from the market store without giving much heed to the task of making it on his own. The analogies here are market stores represents which are libraries, Pizza Base is like React or AngularJS. With the clarity of libraries, we may step ahead with Flux and Redux.

    Flux was introduced to the world by Facebook earlier in this decade, it is specially meant for unidirectional flow of data which is a major part of operations if we talk about React. What Flux does is that it divides the application into four major parts i.e. Stores, Dispatchers, View, Actions and these four works together to implement the final goal of unidirectional flow of data which is intended. The components mentioned above are the heart and soul of Flux architecture.

    Redux is also a member of the JavaScript library whose major concern is to manage application state. A State in technical terms here refers to the ability of the application to remember the previous user interactions that were associated with the application. It has a dominant presence in React and Angular JavaScript which basically works towards building user interfaces. Redux gives each component of frontend a specific desired state which it needs, this is what Redux do in nutshell.

    Lastly, it depends upon the requirement of the project which decides whether one needs to use Flux or Redux.

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