What is WPF and its advantages?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


WPF denotes Windows Presentation Foundation, which is a re-invention of a UI that uses WPF for Desktop applications. Just like other developers have been doing all this while, other than dropping controls on “Windows Forms,” WPF is known to provide an extra rapid boost to the application development including animation, Rich User Interface, and much more.

To summarise it all, following things can be done using WPF:

  • Draw Graphics and normal controls.
  • Transforming objects including controls, video, and shapes,
  • Can easily play/load video and audio files.
  • Can create and animate 3D graphics.
  • Can provide smooth graphical effects such as color gradients and drop shadows.
  • Can use shared styles which can be used across the same controls to provide the same theme, skin, and design.
  • Can easily be used to draw vector graphics that scale without jagged aliasing.

Advantages of WPF are:

  • Resolution independence
  • Tight multimedia integration
  • Hardware acceleration

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