Clarify what JobTracker is in Hadoop? What are the activities followed by Hadoop?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


In Hadoop for submitting and following Map Reduce occupations, Job Tracker is utilized. Job Tracker is a basic service which cultivates out all MapReduce tasks to the different nodes in the group, preferably to those nodes which as of now contain the information, or at very least are situated in the same rack from nodes containing the information.

Job Tracker performs following activities in Hadoop:

  • Client application presents jobs to the job tracker
  • Job Tracker imparts to the Name mode to decide data area
  • Near the data or with accessible openings Job Tracker finds Task Tracker nodes
  • On choosing Task Tracker Nodes, it submits the work
  • When a task fails, Job tracker notifies and chooses what to do then.
  • Job Tracker observes the Task Tracker nodes

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