REACT JS A Powerful UI Library for all

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

REACT JS A Powerful UI Library for all


In the world where development is constantly growing and affecting our lives. To become a professional, you need to follow all the updates. Although it may be possible you are expertise in one language, but technology changes with time. A professional never stop learning and hence grows at a vast pace. If you want that your value never down in the market, then you should update yourself with the other technologies too. For example, you are doing a project and you are mastered in one technology that helps to complete your project. But this may be possible that the project with the use of other techniques may much better. At this point, your growth will stop. So, I will suggest you- keep update yourself with latest technologies. At present time, React.JS is at the top in the industry. Ready yourself to get enhanced with the knowledge of React.JS features, its applications, and its scope.

What is React.js?

If you are still in doubt about choosing your career in React.JS, we are here to clear your doubts. It is a lightweight library that used for building user interfaces. Moreover, every single thing in React is a component. To create the view, the homepage is divided into two parts which are then united together. The important thing that makes the people attracted to it is Virtual-DOM which has the unique feature of one-way data binding. If any changes made happen in the data, it affects the view and the vice versa. While in ReactJS, it makes two copies of Virtual Dom instead of updating the Dom, where one copy contains original while the other has an updated version that shows changes displayed in from the view. After that, these copies are compared and when it needs to make any change, react update view directly. This is the reason behind its preference for real-time application. If you are the first timer with web courses, then it might feel alien first, but with time, you will start to love this.

What a React.JS developer do?

In a world, where everything from viewer page to interaction to the size of the shopping cart may impact on the market of your company. A single second delay and the less user interaction can adversely affect your demand. This is where the demand of React.JS developer rise to build the strong front-end applications that mesmerize every user at once whoever use it. Theoretically, react.JS narrows the distance between the HTML and the JavaScript. Some responsibilities of each React.JS developer is shown below to give you guidance about the React.JS job so that you can decide your career wisely.

Roles and Responsibilities of React.JS developers:

  • React.JS developer may help you in boosting the page loads by using The Server-Side Rendering.
  • He/she also supports the company by providing the solid UI that gives a smooth experience to users.
  • The developer will know how to create the interactive parts of any web applications. They create components that can receive and send the data to the backend servers.
  • The developer is responsible for rendering the components that have the customized requirements.
  • By the use of React.JS, the developer must know how to develop user face features.
  • He/she gets to build the reusable components that can be used for future.
  • He/she should have the knowledge to build front-end libraries and can convert wireframes into efficient codes.
  • The most important is he/she must make optimized components that should efficient to perform on the vast array of web applications.
  • Above all, the developer must have a team spirit to work in a team and cooperate with members.

What features make it so preferable:

It may be possible that the question arises in your mind- Why React.JS? Why it is important? Okay! We all know that the specialty of every course is depends on its features. As these are the only factors that highlight the React.JS in the stream of other libraries. These features make it widespread on the many websites such as Netflix, Airbnb, etc. Let’s introduce you some of the features that make it so rife:

  1. Open Source: If a software is freely available, then it is inevitable that it is going to be one of the favorite software among the developers and the users. Although, its curation is in the hands of Facebook developers, but still you have a chance to get the codes developed by elite developers. Thus, it will enhance your knowledge and definitely gives profitable outcomes.
  2. Adaptability: React.JS is like a piece of cake for use as it is adopted with so much ease and convenience. This is easy to understand because of its short life cycle approaches. In conjunction with this, it makes the web applications user-friendly and the render function of React.JS makes it easy to work with functional Programming style.
  3. Server-side communication: one of the heartwarming features of react.JS is its capability of server-side communication. This is the reason why the developers React.JS loves it most. This helps the developers to update the library by understanding the mechanism of XHR requests and use of lifecycle "hooks” to enable the requests.
  4. Event handling: It is surprising that Rect.JS creates its own event system which is compatible with the W3C object model. Besides, you need not worry about incompatible event names and fields as it provides a cross-interface naïve to the events. So, makes easy for developers and relaxes them from the manual work.
  5. Declarative: Above all, React.JS creates a dynamic and interactive user interface for the mobile as well as web applications. The declarative feature of the React.JS makes the code more efficient and readable, and as well easy to debug it.
  6. Component-Based: In React.JS, every application or function is wrapped in the self-contained modules, known as components. This feature divides the web page into the components to make it better for visuality (UI). The components are written in JavaScript, so easy to pass the data through the apps and hence, better for interactions and views.
  7. Flux library: The reason why every developer, programmer and the company like the React.JS most is its library. As we know, React.JS is the library of JavaScript, and among React.JS libraries, flux is one of the best libraries that complement React.JS. This helps the programmers to manage the data in a very easy and efficient manner.

Here we view some of the features, now, let’s work on the benefits reached by the use of React.JS. Of course, the list is huge and impossible to roll out whole, so, some of the significant benefits that help our problem by:

  • Increasing the speed
  • Improving the user experience on the websites
  • Introduce the most trendy techniques
  • Makes the websites efficient by instantly loading pages.

Qualifications and skills required for a React.JS developer:

If you want the highest paid developer in the IT sector, then you must have some specific skills that make you at the top level of the company. The knowledge of only React.JS is not enough for you to accomplish this goal. The nuances and idiosyncrasies demand extra skills to distinguish true React.JS developer among all developers. To equip with all the desired skills, prepare yourself to learn them. Here, we present you some of the skills which are necessary for any developer to get hired in a good company

  1. The developer must have the bachelor degree in the computer science subjects.
  2. Have a good understanding of React.JS and its components.
  3. The developer should have the experience in JavaScript, its Dom manipulation and the object model.
  4. The developer must have good knowledge of React.JS ’s popular workflows such as Flux or redux.
  5. Familiar with libraries of data structures. For example, immutable.js.
  6. Thorough knowledge of newer specifications of ECMAScript. This one will be addition point to his/her resume.
  7. He/she may have experience in the languages of front-end development such as HTML, CSS and the modern front-end tools and pipelines.
  8. Familiar with RESTful APIs and have a good understanding of modern authorization mechanisms such as JSON Web Token.
  9. Above all, the developer must have good communications skills to interact with the clients and users.
  10. The utmost skill required for any developer is the ability to understand business requirements and to implement them in their projects. Hence, capable to fulfill the desires of all the end-users that may be possible.

These are some skills and the qualification required for any developer to get engaged in the good companies. The companies always focus on the skills, the developer may know. So, if your resume is not having these skills, then you must start your predations today to get the highest paid earning life and at the top level.

Future Scope of ReactJS

  • Popularity: React.js is getting so much popularity that it is unlikely to be replaced in the near future. The flux architecture also embraces unidirectional data flows in React. It is ReactJS that make some stacks such as Firebase very popular.
  • Demand: The heartwarming features of React is making it more demandable in contract to others. The enterprises are rushing for the developers who are well experienced in implementing React.JS in web applications.

There is a plethora of options that make it at the rank#1 in the tech companies across the globe. The credit goes to the extensive nature, resourcefulness, ever-growing developer resources and support from the biggest company Facebook.

Salary offers to React.JS developers:

We know that salary vary from fresher to a highly experienced developer, from developed city to a developing city. Above all, the salary offered to the developers is more than other technology developers. Although the experience influences the salary, if you have enough skills required for a React.JS developer, then you will also not less payee. Here we show you the salary range of Developers accordingly.

Salary offers to the developers on the basis of experience:


If you are skilled enough that will also aid in your salary. Fold your sleeves to start it today!

React.JS has changed the way we think about the user interface and front-end development. By the use of React.JS, one can go beyond the web. It is a perfect tool to develop a high-performance web and mobile applications. The features of React.JS enables you to develop new features with the use of existing codes. Therefore, this technology is liked by companies as well as developers. Having such features for a framework like React.JS is still a dream for many companies. So, if you are a React.JS developer, then its apt time to start your career in this direction.

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