PHP as a career. Is Right Fit?


Posted On: Nov 29, 2022

PHP as a career. Is Right Fit?


With the modernization of the world, everyone is trying to seek knowledge in the field of digital marketing to place his or her steps with the world. In today’s technology-driven world, organizations have achieved digital benefits to increase their demand and profit. But, to achieve this goal, it is quite important to make the sites user-friendly and highly-interactive. For this, only PHP language can fulfill these objectives. Go for PHP without any fear and become the mastermind in that field. If you are PHP lover, then you are in the right place. Read the full article if you want to know about the scope and career in the PHP language.

A Small Introduction about PHP:

Having the title of server scripting language, PHP one of the popular languages is controlling the big segment of the "server-side website development industry" these days. Started in the year of 1995, PHP is a very easy, flexible and forgiving language.

Many heavy traffic sites like Wikipedia and Facebook as well as CMSs like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla are built on PHP language. The demand of the PHP developers is gaining its speed with the time in the Informational Technology Domain. This shows that it is the language which will never lose its popularity with the coming of new languages like Ruby, mean stack, python and many more. Don’t worry, go with PHP and you will never get disappointed.

What a PHP developer can do?

A PHP developer expertise has the capability to harness the different web-oriented tools and techniques for building the websites and portals from scratch. Apart from the awareness of PHP, the developer must be familiar with other computer programming languages like MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, and so on.

Besides this, PHP developer is all acquainted with HTML and CSS, as these are the indispensable part for the development of websites in a PHP script.

Roles and Responsibilities of PHP developer:

Some responsibilities of the PHP developer to maintain a dynamic web presence described below:

  • The PHP developer ensures the smooth running of the various web-based processes.
  • PHP developer creates the processes that may seem simple such as the secure handling of e-commerce transactions, registering an account and many more.
  • By using the other programming languages with PHP, the developer facilitate the creation of easily managed and menu driven systems.
  • The use of MYSQL language with PHP enables the developer to access the data and reports stored within the database in the website’s infrastructure.
  • The main and foremost responsibility of the PHP developer is finding and eliminating potential scripting errors within the web application’s systems.

PHP developer Tasks:

The tasks that are performed by the PHP developer to endow the working of any website.

  • Test and document software for client applications.
  • Write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications.
  • Modify and debug software for client applications.
  • Use source debuggers and visual development environments.

The Scope of PHP in the future:

Before coming to any decision for your future career, you should have the knowledge of the PHP career opportunities, the scope of PHP and why you have to choose PHP among other languages like Java, ASP.NET, etc. When it comes to scope, PHP has a lot of advantages over the other programming languages, we will try to solve the questions that may arise in your mind to choose PHP over others:

  • Is PHP Scope is better than other programming languages: PHP has good career opportunity, as today many MNC companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and many big companies come with PHP projects and increase the recruitments in this field. That's possible only if you have enough knowledge of PHP frameworks like Zend, Laravel, Nette, Symfony2, and others.
  • The biggest online portals based on PHP: Most of the popular websites like Facebook that based on PHP are running online and managed only by PHP developers.
  • Can career build with PHP freelancing Services: It is the additional scope with PHP, as you are not only confined to jobs for earning money. After getting good experience, you can take the projects from the sites like Upwork, Freelancer for part-time work.
  • Around 250 million websites employ on PHP: we can't doubt the fact that PHP is used by 82.4% of all the websites and employed in no less than 250 million websites. This number is considerable is increasing with every minute as PHP is widely used in web designing throughout the world.

The most popular frameworks/projects of upcoming year:

  • Laravel: A PHP Framework for web artisans with 30K+ stars on Github.
  • Symfony: The famous framework in PHP language with 14K+ stars on Github.
  • CodeIgniter: It is an open source PHP framework with 14K+ stars on Github.
  • DesignPaternsPHP: It is the sample code for various design patterns in PHP having the 11K+ stars.
  • Faker: Having 10K+ stars, it is the PHP library that generates fake data for you.

List of MNC Companies that hires PHP Developers:

Nowadays, web development is on its peak, and the one who has the keen interest in PHP can find the small, midsized and big named IT companies like Google, BM, Microsoft, and the list goes countless. To get a job in the companies, you must have depth in knowledge with extra professional skills.

Here we list some MNC companies of India that hire PHP developers to a great extent.

  • Wipro: One of the topmost multinational company with a plethora of branches all over India. You have to prepare yourself to get hired by this company with the great package.
  • CBitss Technologies: It is one of the fast growing company in India. Situated in the city of Chandigarh has made connections as a global leader in IT solutions.
  • IDS Infotech: One of the best companies situated in the Mohali that hires PHP trainees in large extent.
  • Tech Mahindra: It is also the global leader in IT solutions, digital technologies and represents itself as the Connected World.
  • TCS: The one of the multinational company that hires PHP expertise having good knowledge with great packages.

The list of companies is too huge, that impossible to roll out all. So, choose the companies according to their package and the position in the industry.

Required Qualifications and skills For PHP Developer:

PHP is hot in these days and many developers are competing in PHP. To set a realm in this industry, you have to be unique and for that, you need to learn more than PHP. Below, we describe some skills that can endow your capability in PHP.

  1. A PHP programmer usually requires a bachelor's Or Master's degree with a specialization in computer science.
  2. A PHP programmer should also know how to code in other programming languages and how to handle with database package.
  3. If you want to start your own business in the PHP, you also should know how to properly code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. in web designing.
  4. Business Communication: As a PHP contractor, all is in your hands as you are the one who will communicate with your clients. Learn how to communicate like professionals, take classes for that and improve your skill.
  5. As a one-man business, you should know how to manage the day-to-day finances of your businesses.
  6. If you are an independent contractor, then this may be possible that you are handling multiple projects and clients at a single time. This makes much important that you should know how to manage proposals and the scope of your project so that you can deliver your project timely and builds a great reputation for yourself in the market.

The overview of the required qualifications and skills is presenting by the table below.

Required EducationBachelor's or Master's degree related to Computer Science.
CertificationCertification approved by software and other technology organizations.
Required Skills
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.
Business Communication
Business Finance
Project Management

Salaries of PHP developers:

If you want to indulge yourself completely in the PHP language as a developer, then you should be flexible enough to work not only solely but as well as in a team. You can expect the salary range starting from 80000INR and increase up to 4.80 lakh with the time. The pay scale mentioned below is not accurate, it is an only approximation. In addition to this, you can also work part-time as a freelancer after your office. This will help you in improving your lifestyle as well as knowledge.

Below, we have mentioned some salaries on the basis of the experience and the location, check it out:

PHP Salaries according to the Experience: Let's differentiate the salary on the basis of years of professional experience which helps to encourage you to be a PHP developer.

Years of Professional Experience in PHPApprox Salary yearly
0-1 years80000-2,50,000 INR
1-4 years2,50,000-4,80,000 INR
5-9 years5,00,000-12,80,000 INR

PHP Salaries according to the location: It may be surprising, but yeah, the salary also varies on the location. Since the cost of living expenses varies from city to city and as well regions, so shows that the salaries of PHP developers will not remain uniform throughout the country. Here, we show you, which city will get highly paid that will help you to choose your city cleverly.

Note: Salary range is for experience 0-2 years

City/ stateSalary Range
Mumbai70,000-3,89,000 INR
Delhi/NCR80,000-3,89,000 INR
Bangalore85,000-5,10,800 INR
Pune72,520-4,45,000 INR
Hyderabad87,740-3,67,140 INR
Kolkata58,600-3,49,050 INR
Kolkata58,600-3,49,050 INR
Chennai72,300-4,89,000 INR
Ahmedabad70,000-3,90,150 INR

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PHP Salaries according to the skills of PHP developer: The income of PHP developer will be rise if he/she starts working equipped with sufficient professional skills. This means that the knowledge of JavaScript, MYSQL, WordPress, etc. will increase your salary, so be ready to furnish with these skills to get highly paid. This table shows you which language will help you more to increase your salary.

Specific Professional SkillsApprox. Salary Range
PHP with Javascript84,212-4,90,150 INR
PHP with MYSQL82,500-4,67,150 INR
PHP with Ajax94,050-4,80,800 INR
PHP with HTML81,700-4,64,100 INR
PHP with CSS81,660-4,79,050 INR
PHP with WordPress65,000-3,66,150 INR
PHP with JQuery93,900-4,86,150 INR

Using the above tables, you are capable enough to choose the location, skill, etc. wisely.

Note: Above data is not verified, May salaries vary and incorrect.

It is the rumor only that PHP is dying. PHP is widely used to develop the websites, so it will not fade easily. Although many languages have been developing and trying to replace the PHP, we can’t deny the fact that its competitors will never get succeeded, as this language is highly demanded and popular in web applications. But the important fact is- No technology is good or bad, it is your passion, skills and the desires to go to the next level is which makes the difference at all. At last, I will say only “Go with your interest, choose the career that you loved and do hard work with enthusiasm".

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