How to crack Tableau Interview


Posted On: Jun 02, 2020

How to crack Tableau Interview


For cracking any interview knowledge of your specialized field is required, similarly, if you are planning to give an interview for Tableau then not only will good knowledge be sufficient there are more things required. To get selected for an interview it is necessary that you know about creating the visualizations in Tableau and should also have appropriate skills with which you can prove yourself as the best candidate. In this article, you are going to get the list of frequently asked Tableau interview questions which will help you in the preparation.

Tips to crack Tableau interview

Although there is nothing that can guarantee your selection, here we have tried to give you the important tips that can help you in cracking the interview. Your selection and rejection are completely based on your behavior, knowledge, and skills so try to follow these tips for better chances.

  • Be ready to face any kind of questions by the interviewer. He may ask why you like Tableau.
  • Dimensions and facts are the most important parts of Tableau, prepare about them concisely.
  • Your knowledge will be checked so you should analyze your skills related to the visualizations and dashboard in tableau.
  • You should have a list of your own likes and dislikes in Tableau which you can represent in front of the interviewer.
  • Whatever you are talking about and trying to tell the Employers, everything should be in terms of the requirements of any business.
  • Analyze the time limit that is taken by you in creating a dashboard, as the interview may ask this.
  • You need to prepare a list of differences between Tableau and other similar tools like IBM
  • Cognos, QlikView, etc. You should have a brief knowledge of other applications also.

Major topics to prepare for the interview

There are few topics on which most of the questions are asked by the interviewers. In this section, we are going to learn about a few important topics that are required for the preparation of the interview.

  • The complete definition of Tableau with example
  • Data type supported by Tableau
  • What do you mean by dimensions and measures in Tableau?
  • About discrete and continuous in tableau
  • Filters along with the types of filters in Tableau with a definition.
  • Joins in the Tableau and their type.
  • Difference between blending and joining
  • Difference between extract and love connection
  • Define calculated field in Tableau
  • About sets and groups along with the difference.
  • Parameters in Tableau

Final words

This was a small introduction to the preparation guide for cracking the Tableau interview. We understand that it is not easy to estimate what the interviewer is going to ask. That's why you should learn about each and everything. To help with the same we are also presenting an app with the interview questions on Tableau that will help you in performing well during your interview. In this app, you are going to find almost every major topic or question and answers which may be asked during the interview.

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