How to crack Oracle interview


Posted On: Dec 13, 2022

How to crack Oracle interview


All of us dream to get a job in any big organization in some reputed position. Whenever you apply for an interview it is your responsibility to check for which designation or profile you are applying. You should have at least basic information about that profile like the roles, duties, and other things that are needed. Before applying ensure that you possess the right skills for the particular opening and are ready to prove yourself better from other candidates. In this preparation, our online interview preparation guide with questions and answers will help you a lot.

Topics to prepare for Oracle database

Here we are not discussing the Oracle company, instead, we are going to learn about the Oracle database. Every person has their own area of specialization, if someone is good in Java then you can be proficient in the Oracle database. You just need to figure out your qualities and work on them. Those aspirants who want to build their career in Oracle database for them there are few topics that are necessary to prepare.

  • Definition of datatype
  • About RAW datatype
  • What do you mean by BLOB datatype
  • Meaning of NULL value
  • About with check option
  • Different data types
  • Use of NVL function
  • To find the detail of the field in the table
  • What do you mean by ALERT
  • How to fetch data
  • About Set operators

These are the few most asked topics which you should prepare. Apart from them, it will be good to go through other topics also and keep your base strong. You should be ready to face any question under different circumstances.

Tips for the preparation of the interview

Let us come to learn about a few preparation tips that are important for the applicants to follow. Before and at the time of the interview there are lots of things which one should keep in mind.

  • Research thoroughly about the company for which you have applied. So that you will be able to answer questions related to the company.
  • Don't reach late at the interview, it will be good to wait instead of going after the scheduled time.
  • Your body speaks before anything else, keep a check on the body language of the person sitting in front of you.
  • Try not to fumble while speaking. You should be clear and loud with your sentences.
  • Always carry multiple copies of your CV and ID at the interview venue.
  • Talk to the interviewer politely and also get indulged in the discussions with him.
  • Confidence is a must, as it is the master key to crack any interview.

Final words

It is not going to be easy to study and follow everything. For a fresher, it is one of the toughest tasks of life. For them, we are having this database interview questions app which is having multiple questions and mocks in it. The app is entirely free of cost and is designed especially for the candidates who are applying for an interview. We wish you good luck with your interview and pray for your success.

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