How to crack Node.js Interview


Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

How to crack Node.js Interview


Employment is the basic requirement of every youth and to get placed in your dream company lots of effort and hard work is required. The interview is the door to enter towards the success of your dreams. Today, we are here going to talk about the preparation for node.js interviews along with the interview questions. The interviews are basically carried out by any industry to select the best candidate for the required designation. If you succeed in proving yourself as the required candidate for whom they are looking then the ball will be in your court. For doing this you need lots of practice and study, here we will guide you about how to prepare for the interview. ,/p>

What is Node.js

Before moving ahead we should have a small introduction about node.js. It is basically the javascript engine of Google chrome which executes javascript instead of the browser. It is a way to become an ideal stack developer. Node.js helps in handling concurrent operations without actually executing multiple threads during the application. It can run very well on all devices like Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, etc.

Features of Node.js

It is one of the most asked questions during your interview. You should know at least a few features of Node.js and should be capable of explaining them. We are here going to list some of its features of it.

  • It has a good runtime and is fast while executing code.
  • The library of Node.js use javascript
  • Concurrent request handling is also its main feature.
  • There is no buffering
  • It is single-threaded but the scalability is high.

Important things to consider during the interview

If you are skilled with Node.js then you can apply for different designations like UI engineer, Software architect, UX engineer, software engineer, technical expert, development manager, etc. For all of them, you need to get yourself prepared for the interview. There are many online websites and apps which can help you with the list of questions. You should choose them wisely as the data provided by all of them can not be secure or reliable.

  • If you are going for the interview then you should know how you can make unit tests for the codes.
  • You need to have knowledge of ES6 syntax.
  • You should be proficient in javascript.
  • There are various databases and you need to have basic knowledge of some of them

Final words

After reading it, we hope that you have got an idea of Node.js and are looking to prepare yourself. In case, if your interview is just a few days ahead then it will be good to get an app for your preparation where you can get all the necessary stuff. It is the best app for interview preparation for freshers which you can download either from the play store or from here. This app will also get access to the different mock tests for your better practice and will find the interview questions related to node.js.

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