How to crack Java Interview


Posted On: Jun 02, 2020

How to crack Java Interview


After the completion of education, our first priority is the job, and to get that, one needs to be selected in the interview. If you want to work for any big company then you need to prepare well for the interview. Those aspirants who are freshers and looking to start their career for them suggest that they should only apply for those designations for which they seem suitable. If you feel that you are having adequate skills for the relevant opening only then you should apply otherwise your chances of de motivation will increase. After applying for any opening you need to prepare well either you can take help for the online interview questions and answers or you can also opt for the mock tests. Today in this article we are going to focus on the candidates who are skilled in Java and are looking for a job in the same field.

About Java

There are many programming languages in technology from which one is Java. It is being used widely for different purposes like application development, web development, etc. Java is one of the fast, reliable, and secure languages which makes its first preference. At present, the use of Java is expanding everywhere like in data centers, mobiles, laptops, internet, scientific supercomputers, game consoles, etc. The language is almost similar to the C++ but is more advanced with new features. Java is an independent, concurrent, and object-oriented programming language.

There are various uses of Java and is being used not only at the private level but is also being used publicly and by the government organizations. It is being widely used in sectors like the stock market, Android development, scientific and research community, financial services, Information technology, retail, banking, big data, and so on.

Topics to cover for the interview

For an interview, you need to prepare and study well and there are certain topics which are must just like exams. There are few important topics for a Java interview which one should definitely prepare. Let us have a look over such topics that will help you in cracking the interview.

  • Multithreading, thread basics, and concurrency
  • Java Fundamentals
  • Garbage collection
  • Data structure and algorithm
  • Java collections framework
  • Data type conversion and fundamentals
  • Object-oriented concepts
  • SOLID design principles
  • Abstract class and interface
  • Regular expressions
  • JUnit
  • Programming questions
  • XML processing in java
  • JVM intervals
  • Array
  • String

The applicants should start their preparation for their dream company at least a week before the interview

Final words

If you are in confusion and looking for the best platform for the preparation then there is a Java interview questions app for you which will solve all your problems. You can easily download it for any platform and can prepare for the above-mentioned topics and will also get access to the multiple previously asked interview questions on Java. It is its own kind of app on play store which also allows the candidates to give free mock tests and analyze their skills.

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