5 reasons you should get a new job


Posted On: Mar 06, 2023

5 reasons you should get a new job


"Relax, it's just a bad day."

You try to feel better by telling yourself these words.

It’s Monday. And for the nth time, you couldn't get yourself motivated for work. Something is wrong, you think.

Could it be that you’ve lost spark with your job, and that switching to another is the only cure?

You probably are worried about what the future holds should you leave your current job. You just couldn’t make up your mind. Should you stay or leave?

To help you decide, here is a rundown of reasons why quitting your job could be good for you.

The amount of stress is more than you can handle.

You’re dreading Mondays. Oh, and not only this day. You start to feel anxious when you see that there are only a few hours left before Sunday ends.

Every day of the work week, you wish you could hop into a plane and go somewhere else. Or to travel by land in a place that is three hours or a half day far is another wanted thing. You come home exhausted and looking like five year older than your real age. The kids and even your partner avoid talking to you for fear of being shouted at.

Work keeps crossing your mind even during those times you are out with your family or friends. Vacation leave is still working time whether you like it or not, it follows you everywhere you go. You can no longer enjoy a good night sleep because you always dream about your work – colleagues, bosses, and clients.

Your emergency fund has you covered.

As general personal finance rule, an emergency fund should be at least six months worth of your living expenses. This amount is different from your savings. You should be ready to spend, and even empty this when the need arises, whether the situation is emergency related (like illness in the family) or not.

And one of those moments you can put your emergency fund to good use is when you’re unemployed and are still looking for a new job. With this fund safely tucked, then you will feel more confident quitting your job even if you still have not found a replacement.

You’d rather spend your time with your loved ones than endure the stress that your work has been causing you.

You no longer feel challenged.

You feel stuck in a rut. You always drag yourself out of the house like a sick person, tired and seeks rest. You have been doing the same tasks almost every day for many years now.

Your colleagues are sent to seminars and training and are able to shoulder other duties. And you feel somehow deprived, and worse, left behind.

Your skills and experiences are not growing. You feel your professional background has not improved. You see yourself investing in training with your own funds, and reaching out to people from other departments so you can learn more about the industry you’re in.

If this is what you’re going through, then you might as well search for another company that can help you achieve career and personal growth.

Your relationship with the team is strained.

It’s not that you got involved in a fight with your bosses nor your teammates. But your relationship with them is nothing how it’s like years ago.

The management has shifted directions. Your colleagues are assigned new tasks with new people. You were given additional projects, too. But you do not see yourself on it.

As your assignments get harder, your resources are reduced. You feel alone. Your support system is no longer as sturdy as how it was back then when you were starting. And one day, you no longer feel at home at your work.

There’s a (lot) better offer to come your way.

You received an interview invitation from a reputable company. And the pay, along with the benefits, are indeed tempting.

And when you visited the office, boy did you just love the culture. You feel you can write an essay, close a deal with clients, or come up with a winning proposal anytime you’re asked because of the positive atmosphere.

You imagine yourself going there every morning for the next five years, and not at your current workplace.

If this happened to you then, by all means, give the offer a chance.

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