Tips to Crack the Coding Interviews


Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

Tips to Crack the Coding Interviews


In order to crack any interview, you need to take care of many points. Similar is the scenario for cracking a coding interview. The software engineers are quite afraid to face this interview, as they perceive it to be hard. But with the right tricks and techniques, you can cross any hurdles with ease. This article will try to provide you with insight on how you can condition yourself for cracking the code case. If you try out these simple processes, you will definitely feel the difference. But before all these, you need to remember one crucial point: you need to be really good at the job at your hands. It is essential for you to be able to write accurate and neat codes and only then, you will have the innate courage to face this challenge.

15+ Golden Tips to Crack Coding Interview in 2023:

The following are the tips using which you shine in your own sphere.

  • Know Your Codes: The first and foremost thing you should prepare is how to write codes. And for this, you must keep on practicing coding algorithms. You might have learned the process in college but without regular practice, you won't be able to code in front of the interviewers. The interview is to test whether you can debug the codes within a little amount of time or not. Good command over codes will make you confident to act accordingly.
  • Whiteboarding Codes: In the interview, you will be provided with whiteboards or chalks. So, prepare to code without tools and on the whiteboard from beforehand in order to stay focused in the interview. The capable you are of handling the whiteboard and solving the codings, the eligible your presence will be considered.
  • Cordial Communication: The interview not only tests your knowledge on the subject but also checks out your capacity to communicate well with people. You must try and create a good connection with the interviewers which will release your pressure to perform the best. A gradual conversation with infectious energy might attract the person on the other side of the table. This rapport might bring you under the spotlight which you needed.
  • Think rational and loud: You need to continue the conversation even while solving the problem. This doesn't mean talking about anything under the sun rather keeping the interviewers aware of the steps you are wishing to follow and why. You should keep the persons engaged otherwise the atmosphere will become awkward for all. So, take your time to reach a correct conclusion and be vocal.
  • Never argue or blame: The recruiters are talking to their potential employees and so, you need to project an impression that makes them hire you. Although you must be vocal about your points and procedures, you must never argue with those people in the position out of courtesy. You should not also blame someone else for anything. Show that you can work with people by people for people not against them.
  • Don't give up: If you are finding the coding to be tough, then don't give it up in the initial moments. Rather, calm yourself down, take your time, try to think about it from all possible angles, and describe the process you followed. It is not always about getting the answer right, it is about reflecting your attitude towards a problem and how you try and solve it. Everyone prefers a strong team member; so, show your grit and perseverance.
  • Never Fake it: However, not giving up never means faking your tolerance. You should never pretend to be something else or act in a manner that is definitely not you. This is not only hard to carry forward but also is a turn-off. People don't just say Honesty is the best policy, they also mean it. An honest employee is a day an asset.
  • Pick Proper Variable Names: If you want a breakthrough, then be sensible enough to choose a decent name for your variable and don't name it randomly. It again shows your character. So, if you need time, don't shy away. Utilize the time and brainstorm something worthwhile.
  • Check the Code: It is good to be confident about oneself but over-confidence is a big No, No. So, once you are done with your coding, spend some time and check it thoroughly for some mistakes or errors. You might have overlooked a tiny detail, so better safe than sorry.
  • Carry Your Portfolio: The best way to prove your mettle is to carry your success stories with you. The portfolio which comprises your designs, diagrams, proposals, written pieces, etc. will vouch for your sound technical skill and writing ability which the company requires. You can also build mobile apps and keep the codes ready to show the world your capability.
  • Go Viral with Github: Github is a promising platform where you can showcase your open-source codes to the world. You can also put up various projects and go global. This will not only make you popular but also appreciate your talent.
  • Request Feedbacks: If you want to measure what is going on in the interviewers' minds; you can always ask them for feedback. This will make the encounter more interactive and might offer you some valuable advice that will help you in the future. Any interviewer will enjoy this respect and will show enthusiasm to guide or praise you.
  • Shoot Questions: If you are having any doubts, then feel free to question the person in authority. Sometimes a curious mind is the need of the job. Brace yourself up and ask what you want to. If you need more insight into the coding you are performing, do so. It will mean that you believe in thinking and then acting; in perfection.
  • Master Mock-Interviews: If you want to get out of the interview blues, then you must arrange for some mock interviews. This will help you to plan and prepare that how you want to protect yourself and your work to the recruiters. Also, jot down important notes during such mock sessions. This activity will boost your confidence and let the best self in you come out.
  • A Candid Closure: When the interview is done, don't just leave the room. Rather, arrange yourself and end the process by letting them how important the work is for you. You don't need to go over the board. Just be sincere and let your dedication and passion do the talking.


You can't win every race but that doesn’t mar the shine. Each interview will teach you something which will help you to shape yourself in life. The experience which you will gain is equally valuable. You can always follow up on your failed interviews to crack the next one. Thus, don’t over-expect or get dejected.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to prepare yourself for the day and don’t bog down under pressure. If you have taken the time to prepare and you know your subject, then, have faith in yourself, as nothing can stop you. Take all the time and be present in the situation i.e. in the interview room but don’t rush to the end. Always remember, it is not about the destination but the journey. So, be open and embrace the journey, you will reach the destination. Hope this article was helpful enough to offer the necessary tips and best wishes for your upcoming ventures. Code the algorithm for your success and happiness!

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