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Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Software developing platforms are growing in number as each component is converted digitally. One such platform or say framework created was OpenXava.

This article moves around OpenXava. After redaing this you able to answer

  • What Openxava is?
  • Valient features of OpenXava
  • Best Alternatives of OpenXava

An Overview of OpenXava

OpenXava wrote in Java platform and came to stable existence since 27 April 2016. This is a web framework in which they use software framework in developing the web application like web services, web resources etc. The web framework is used for designing business application in a proficient and easy manner. There are four basic functions in a computer, and they are create, read, update and delete. And OpenXava is such an efficient web framework which is super fast and ease for the development of these four main modules that is create, read, update as well as delete. The platform is well known for the accounting applications and they are also the good base for generating an invoice and have the data of the management of warehousing in a crisp and elegant way.

As OpenXava was developed on Java platform and so on they currently produce Java Web application that can be generated only in Java Portal server. The florid specialty in OpenXava developer platform is that it not just has a standard programming or the automation of the framework that is being the best part but it also provides the data in user-friendly methodology as a default behavior. Well, this makes the developer get the default codes and the creator has the flexibility to alter it manually according to the developer. And the platform s totally based on the components of business and it is used to create an application to fulfill the demand in the management of the business. To know the distinct attribute of OpenXava read the below.

Key Features of OpenXava

1. Flexibility to generate an EE application

A Java EE application can be easily created as it has the base of Java and it has AJAX user interface. This makes to program more convenient for users.

2. The short span of a learning curve

Being developed in the vast software developing the platform, OpenXava is having good and unique features. And you need not use programming languages like JavaScript, SQL etc. You just need to know the basic Java coding and you need not be a professional developer for it.

3. Thirteen inbuilt languages

And with the support of LGPL license, free commercial applications can be designed. OpenXava being open source has thirteen different computer languages and the software can be improvised by adding more languages easily.

4. Absence of expertise but outshine results

There is no need for any professional training. You just need to know the simplified writings of Java and for which you can do simple online or offline course available and can further operate it easily according to the program you want to design.

5. User interface(Mobile) as well

You can not only experience this fab web framework in computers or laptop. They also provide a mobile interface that you can easily get synced to through the use of same code anywhere you want to access the remote desk.

6. Multi-Platform Software

Just like an all-rounder in schools or colleges the same way this OpenXava is a multi-platform software which means the web framework includes Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox with the support of multiple databases which are underpinned by hibernate.

7. Run on the multi-Operating system

OpenXava runs on all the Operating system and it opens with Java 6 or with other high updated versions of Java. Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix are all those which can be a platform for having OpenXava running over it.

8. Based on Java standards

As this was created in the Java coding and thus it can use any Java tool for OpenXava designing and you can transfer the coding you have done in any Java platform to OpenXava framework.

9. Reference support

It has a reference guide for the languages and even how to start using the application easily without getting confused. The guides are the writes up in easy language and it is not far from what you know.

These were just a few features and there are much more awesome features like multilingualism, high productivity, third-party tools, Active project , the creation of sophisticated applications, business conceptual base etc.

6 Best Alternatives of OpenXava

Well, there are good framework platforms like OpenXava and the one's jotted beneath are such which have similar elements like OpenXava.Below we have listed 6 Best alternatives of OpenXava Framework.

1. Spring

It is also a web application designing platform and they also do run in many operating systems. And it has total Java Framework for the abrupt creation of web series and so on. It has 'P' as its application's Logo.

2. Grails

It has been approved and licensed on Apache. And this is the alternative of OpenXava as it also has Java language at an easy stage. It is built over the Spring boot and it is a wicket based web application platform.

3. Apache Tapestry

It is into existence since 1991 and they are created to enhance the Java scripting. It has been creating decks of projects per year. It was the one who established using Java as its backbone.

4. Java Play

The developing application 'Play' is not the application in which you can play. It is the one who has the Java background and has become a high attributed application. And its logo is been speaking by others for the colorful feathers it has as the design.

5. Apache OF Biz

It is the flock of applications designed for industrial transactions. It is such a flexible set from which common customization can be made by the user. It is the perfect suite for designing of business applications easily across the industries worldwide.

6. Xlogo

Xlogo is an interpreter in Java and it is the free program which is the best alternative for OpenXava and it is only available for Windows. It is categorized into Development software. The current version of Xlogo is 0.0.93 and it is only available for Windows 98 and the earlier versions.


This article says all about OpenXava, and it totally puts the specialty and even the flaws in the OpenXava framework. As it is a low code development platform it doesn’t mean it doesn’t give up big results. It gives a good turn around in huge firms at an easy methodology.

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