NODE JS Your Way To Success: Career, Features, Scopes and Roles


Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

NODE JS Your Way To Success: Career, Features, Scopes and Roles


Why Node Js

Today, technology is replacing all over and the same in the IT sector. The competition in this industry is running at high speed and the existing frameworks are replacing with new one. In these days, node.js is one of those backend frameworks which is administering the perch in the IT industry and is highly accepted by big companies.

The features of Node.js shows that it is the fate of web development without the spot of uncertainty. If you are still in confusion regarding the career in Node.js, will be shine or not. Then definitely you should go through the article and find out why Node.js is preferred over others and what makes it so beneficial.

A small Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript platform that is used to develop fast, scalable, and lightweight server-side applications very easily. It follows the single thread with an even-driven loop which helps to interact or handle many requests as possible.

Node.js contains many modules to deliver functionality in an efficient way and quickly as well. This age is of JavaScript developers and it will get awesome with the adoption of excellent features of Node.js. This concludes that Node.js is a revolutionary technology and any developer who possessed Node.js will have a great future. Node.js is the first runtime that has been supported by deploying environment and we hope that this trend will continue.

What does a Node.js developer do?

It may be possible you are still in doubt and the question is running in your mind- What exactly a Node.js developer do? Is he/she a back-end developer or a front-end developer or something else? Here we give you a whole discussion about the roles and responsibilities of a Node.js developer.

Basically, A Node.js developer works on server-side web applications. He/she writes the logic in JavaScript for server-side applications and develops the back-end components. They also connect the web services (often a third party) with the applications. In conjunction with all this, a node.js developer supports the front-end developers (responsible for designing the viewing side of the application) by assimilating their work with the node.js application. In short, a node.js developer is responsible for handling the exchange of data between servers and users.

Roles and Responsibilities of Node.js developers:

  • The utmost responsibility of any node.js developer is he/she has the ability to write reusable, testable, readable, and as well efficient code.
  • The node.js developer can implement security and protect the data from any threat.
  • They are also capable enough to integrate the server-side logic with the user-facing elements developed by front-end developers.
  • The developer can create applications that are lightweight and highly intractable,
  • Use tools and ingenuity to fix errors or defects.
  • Above of all, the developer cooperates with team members and helps the organization in its improvement.

These are some responsibilities that every developer should have to follow in any organization to set up his/her position.

What makes Node.js preferable?

As we saw Node.js is quite popular among developers. But the question arises what makes this platform popular? To answer this question we describe some of its features that make Node.js special and superior among others.

Features of Node.js:

ModularityThe utmost feature of Node.js is its modularity. Node.js divides its every functionality into modules or packages and thus makes it easy to implement the task. In general, Node.js contains thousands of thousands of modules that deliver their own functionality individually.
Asynchronous I/ONon-blocking I/O feature of Node.js makes its working fast and hence improves the speed of running applications. It interacts with the file system to do communication by using Asynchronous IO models which states that It permits the other processing to continue if the IO processing is slow i.e. if I/O takes more time to execute.
Event-driven asynchronous PlatformTo handle requests, Node.js follows the event-driven loop structure.
Better Socket APISocket Module API provided by the Node.js platform helps to develop the applications such as real-time, multi-user chat, and gaming very easily.
Jade Template EngineJade is a default template that is supported by Node.js for developing HTML applications very easily. Templates are used as reducible code because we write it once and reuse them to reduce development time.

These are some features that make a Node.js more powerful platform in the field of web development.

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Why Future of a Node.js developer is bright?

There are many reasons that show that node.js will run for a long time. So, developers who have a keen interest in web development can choose Node.js for his/her career. The parameters that make its future bright are shown below:

  • One language and one format: Node.js made it easier for developers to write code as it uses only one language to write whole applications i.e. JavaScript. The data format of all layers from a front-end to the back-end is the same that is JavaScript object notation. Using node.js, you don't need to swipe the development stack. All this saves your time, energy as well as cost.
  • Flexibility: This is the feature that mesmerizes developers to use node.js which is it is entirely free from any strict guidelines. You are free to turn, twist, tweak, and use it in the way you want to. All is, you should have to be creative and explore it as per your innovativeness.
  • Server-Side Solutions: It is quite popular for being a highly scalable architecture that helps in developing client-side solutions very quickly. This is why it attracts companies to hire developers who have skills in Node.js.
  • Concurrency handling: Above all, Node.js handles many requests very smoothly. As it is a single thread with event loop architecture that serves numerous requests without any problem.

There are many reasons that show that node.js will stand alone among others and not any other platform can replace in the future. You can definitely go with Node.js and embrace your future with a high-earning job.

These are some applications where Node.js can be used. Although the list is quite huge, so we display only some of the applications using the table view.

Network ApplicationsProxy serverMultiplayer Game ApplicationsTCP server
Web ApplicationsReal-time logistics systemsReal-time ApplicationsFile uploading tools
Process Monitoring ToolsStock-Trading DashboardHD Video and Voice CommunicationsHigh Concurrency applications

Currently, there are many companies that have started the use of Node.js in various applications. Here we enlist some of the popular firms that will be helpful for you to start your career by choosing the company from the list shown below:

  • LinkedIn
  • Yahoo
  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • Microsoft
  • Wallmart
  • Dropbox
  • SAP
  • Cloud IDE

We hope this will help you to start your career.

Qualifications and skills required for a Node.js developer:

To become an expert in Node.js, you have to be equipped with many skills so that you will never get rejected. Firstly, you should have a good knowledge of JavaScript that takes you one step closer to becoming a Node.js developer. This field requires many proficiency skills in varied areas. So prepare yourself to enhance your knowledge of the mentioned skills:

  • Firstly, you must qualify for your bachelor’s degree in any computer subject course or you should have a certificate in Node.js. Coming to skills, a Node.js developer should have good knowledge in the front-end languages like HTML, and CSS.
  • Along with Node.JS, a developer must have a better understanding of its frameworks as the frameworks expand the functionality of Node.js. The frameworks such as Express, strong loop, etc. may include in the list.
  • As we know, Asynchronous IO is all Node.js is about, so the developer must have good knowledge about Asynchronous programming, and its workarounds.
  • In addition to this, the Node.js developer should know how to interpret API codes and use them in their project, In short, they must have proficiency in RESTful APIs and their communication.
  • To ensure the security of web applications, the developers should have basic knowledge in user authentication and authorization between multiple systems.
  • The developer must write efficient codes that are workable as well readable to any other developer.
  • The crucial part of any application is to handle errors so that the system may not crash. The developer should have a basic knowledge of error handling.
  • Familiar with gulp or grunt node package managers that ensure the smooth running of any web application and improve the speed also.
  • Node.js developers should have the knowledge to create database schemes that support business.

These are enough skills that led you to the top position of Node.js developer in any company. If you have these skills then you are all ready to set the fire, otherwise, fold your sleeves to prepare yourself in these skills.

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Salary offers to the Node.js developer:

If we see in It industry, we find out that Node.js has been growing a lot in these days. Many frameworks have developed around it like express, loopback, and so on but the scalability of node.js apps made it preferable among all these.

Also, big companies are rushing toward Node.js developers for their products. Although salaries vary from city to city, and in regions. It also depends on the experience also. Some points are considerable that made the variation in salaries:

  • Proficiency in any other skills?
  • Any Experience in other back-end technology?
  • How much experience do you have as a node.js developer?
  • Expertise works on which stack? Mean?

So these all point affects the salaries to be paid. To get a high salary, you must have knowledge of other skills as well.

Salary on the basis of experience:

ExperienceAverage salary
Novice/Fresher4-7 LPA
Intermediate5-15 LPA
Expert>10 LPA

If you are looking for the technology, you want to highly engage with, then, Of course, go with Node.js! This field has a plethora of opportunities to grow.

We have seen the reason for choosing Node.js and why it is preferable to others. As the growth of Node.js is at a vast pace, the demand of Node.js developers is increasing hugely. The dream of many JavaScript developers has come true with the coming of node.js as it enables them to write code for servers as well as browsers. As every industry adopting Node.js, this is an apt time to enhance your skills with the latest technology and that is Node.js

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