List the various Active Directory Database files


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


The numerous Active Directory Database files comprise of the following:

  • DIT
  • Che
  • log and Res2.log
  • Log

Not all the Active Directory changes are created truly to the NTDS.DIT database archive. They are first formed to EDB.Log and hence form the log record to the database. EDB.Che is acclimated with the following changes to the database and it undergoes as an updated log record to keep a check on the tasks are performed to the database.

  • NTDS.DIT: This is referred to as an Active Directory database that contains all the AD dissents. The default zone is %system root%nrdsnrds.dit. This database relies upon the Jet database.
  • EDB.Log: This record is to pursue the trades on any particular database, at the time EDB.Log is full it is retitled to EDB Num.log, in which a “num” is a number beginning from 1 such as EDB1.log.
  • EDB.Che: This report is used to cross – verify the data that has not yet been kept in contact with the database. This record has the beginning stage to the data that can be recovered in the midst of disillusionment.
  • Res1.log; Res2.log: Res speaks to spared trade record, which gives the trade log archive sufficient time to shut down in case the circle misses the mark on space.

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