How Shy People Can Conquer Job Interviews

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Nov 29, 2022

How Shy People Can Conquer Job Interviews


It is given to feel nervous or tense during a job interview.

You want to impress interviewers. You want to get the job. Now imagine how it feels even worse to someone who’s shy. Well, most of us are shy. Yes, even I tend to be shy, especially when speaking in front of an audience. But being shy should not deter us from shining in a job interview are a few tips on how you can control your shyness, and be able to show to the panelists that you are passionate about the job and the company.


Nothing beats preparation as job interview advice. It turns off interviewers right away when the applicant does not even seem to know anything about the company, let alone the business it does.

The company website is easily accessible. Browse through it – the company history, press releases, mission and vision, events as well as the background of those under the management. This shall help you grasp the company culture.

Think about those terms related to the industry that you do not understand and then research about it. When you can explain them to yourself using your own words, then you are good to go.

Think about the best way to describe yourself.

The instruction, “Tell me something about yourself” is a staple during job interviews. Yet, it is among those that make applicants scratch their heads.

It is easy to describe yourself. It is the information worth sharing which will help you increase your chances of getting hired that is hard to determine.

Focus on your actual job experiences. Since you are drawing it from personal encounters your response is highly likely to be unique. And, make it brief. Remember that interviewers shall care to ask if they want to find out more. So you need not tell your life story.

Figure out why you should be hired.

One-word responses will never work here. Again, you need not make your answers lengthy. But you should be able to at least elaborate.

Come up with a list of your personalities and traits. Which of those that you have written would prove to be useful at work? Are you keen on details? Do you get along with people easily? Do you enjoy talking to people and helping them address their concerns? Do you find joy in volunteering?

If it makes you feel better, it is okay to bring your list during the interview but do not read from it. Review your answers so you can deliver them in a natural tone and with confidence.


Yes, you are nervous. The interviewers understand that. But remember that you need to keep your emotions in check so you can respond properly to questions.

Wear a smile and look into the interviewer’s eyes. This shall manifest confidence and sincerity. Be cautious as well with unnecessary hand gestures or movements. Sit straight. Do not play with your hands. And make your voice loud enough for the interviewers to hear.

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