5 Types of Job Interviews and How to Prepare for Them

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: May 18, 2022

5 Types of Job Interviews and How to Prepare for Them


Gone are the days when a one-on-one interview is the only way job applicants can expect to be grilled.

There are several types of job interviews to date. And it is essential that you educate yourself how each one works so you can set your expectations, and be able to handle the situation confidently.

Phone Interview

You are most likely shortlisted, the reason why you received a call from the recruitment team. Employers would like to be sure they have chosen the right people they shall invite for initial screening.

Hold on to your phone etiquette. Place the phone where it can be spared from external noise. Keep your resume and portfolio within reach.

Be cautious as well with the information you are sharing. The person you are talking to might not have the final say who’s getting hired but can influence the decision as to who makes it to the next level.

Usually, questions asked on this level are lifted from your resume such as work experiences.

Panel interview

After succeeding in panel interviews, rest assured the fulfillment you are to feel is as well multiplied.

You will have to face several interviewers at once and show that you are prepared for the job.

Take note of your gestures as they serve as critical indicators of your behavior and personality. With the short time, you are to spend in the interview room, the recruitment team shall sure look into all areas to gauge your worthiness of the position.

Remember to look in the eyes of the person asking you but gradually shift your sight to the rest of the panel members while proceeding to your response.

Stress interview

Grace under pressure is an essential trait to surviving this test.

Interviewers might act rude, even walking out of the room in the middle of the interview, while you are answering their question. They might also raise an unnerving inquiry.

It is okay to pause for a few seconds to collect your thoughts. After all, what is tested is your ability to respond to stressful situations.

Or, you might be also asked to perform a task under time pressure. Keep your cool and show that you can still make informed decisions even when people around seem to show sarcasm.


Also dubbed as the testing interview, this type puts your skills to the test.

You will be asked to answer a series of questions or solve problems. Sugarcoating and spontaneity would not be enough here as you will need to demonstrate your knowledge.

Video conferencing

This is as crucial as one-on-one interviews.

Even when you only see each other through the computer screen, preparation should still be taken seriously. Most especially since your gestures are observed.

Test your internet connection speed. Conduct mock interviews so you can as well assess the audio and video quality. Ask for your friend’s help to act as the interviewer. Then, you can gather feedback about annoying gestures you probably are not aware of. Your tendency to fidget, for instance. You also can be made aware of areas you need to improve on such as organization skills.

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