4 Factors to Consider Before Accepting Job Offers

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Jun 05, 2020

4 Factors to Consider Before Accepting Job Offers


Fresh from college, your priority is to find full-time paying jobs.

But when a career opportunity comes, still, you cannot say yes right away. You need to evaluate first your options. What are the factors you must consider?

Where is the office located?

Are you willing to relocate if your dream job requires that you cross states?

How long will it take for you to reach office from home? Is everyday commute feasible? Will you be able to handle being away from your loved ones, making it home only during vacations? Do you like the climate where the office headquarters is located or do you think you will have a hard time adjusting?

Location is among the pressing factors when choosing a job. You will need to be realistic when looking into job demands. For instance, working overseas may not be for you even when your dream career is there if you already mourn at the thought of leaving your hometown.

What are your responsibilities?

Knowing the job title is never enough.

Job titles might sound good but discovering tasks you ought to complete may cause you to cringe. Coordinate with the university career services staff about job titles and tasks you are expected to handle. You might be surprised that there is more than one position you can apply for.

Be honest with yourself. Don’t pretend you are ready for the job when you are not. Even when you get away with it during the recruitment process, you surely will have to face the consequences once you’re already on the floor.

Have you checked the company background?

Big or small, companies can help you grow your professional skills.

Do not concentrate only on prominent establishments as even small ones can help contribute to your personal and career development. Small establishments tend to have a close-knit work environment which helps newbies adjust faster and easier.

Do not be too concerned on the company name. The experience that you will gain along the way is more crucial. Employers will assess you based on tasks you have handled and results you have delivered, and not by the name of your employer.

How does the schedule work?

Is the schedule flexible? Should you report for duty early in the morning? Or are you supposed to take graveyard shifts as well?

We all have our respective body clocks. Some work efficiently during the day while some perform better at night.

Inquire about the work schedule and be honest with the employer if you think it will not work for you. Better yet, train yourself become a morning person while you are still in school.

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