What is xampp?


Posted On: Dec 21, 2022


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    Answered by Priyag Chaudhary

    Xampp is cross-platform web server that contains MySQL database, PHP and Perl in a single package.

    Few Frequently asked questions on Xampp?

    • Is xampp safe to use?

      Xammp is safe to use on the localhost but it is not recommended to use Xammp on the production server.

    • What is xampp full form?

      The xampp full form is Cross-platform, Apache, MariaDB(Mysql), PHP and Perl.

    • List some xampp alternatives?

      EasyPHP, WAMP, AMPPS, UwAmp Server, Wnmp are few alternatives of Xampp.

    • Which server is best for PHP?

      XAMPP, LAMP, LEMP, MAMP, WAMP, AMPSS, EasyPHP are a few servers that are best for PHP development.

    • List platforms supported By Xampp?

      Xampp supports IA-32 (Windows package only) and x64 (macOS and Linux package only) platforms.

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