List some useful plugins in Jenkins?


Posted On: Mar 22, 2020


Some of the useful plugins in the Jenkins are,

  • Cobertura - It integrates the Cobertura coverage reports to Jenkins.
  • Delivery Pipeline - It is used to visualize the Delivery Pipelines.
  • Cucumber Test Result - It allows the Cucumber test results to be shown with the Jenkins.
  • Git - It integrates Git with the Jenkins.
  • HipChat - It is used to publish the build status to the HipChat rooms.
  • JaCoCo - It is a HipChat notifier and is used to publish build status to the HipChat rooms.
  • NodeLabel Parameter - It is used to assign the cleanup jobs to specific nodes.
  • Performance - It is used for performance testing.
  • Priority Sorter - It is used to integrate the JMeter reports, JUnit reports, work output, and the other reports into the Hudson.
  • SSH - It is used to run the shell commands on a remote machine.
  • Subversion - It adds Subversion support. Thinbackup - It is used to back up the global and job-specific configurations.
  • xUnit - It makes it possible to record xUnit test reports.

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