Top 20 Bootstrap Interview Questions

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Bootstrap Interview Questions

In Bootstrap, it is possible to add images, audio, and video using media object. It can either be placed on the left side or the right side of the content. If the developer wishes to create a media element then they can use .media a class where the source will be specified as a .media-object class. There are usually two types of Media-objects i.e. .media and .media-list.
Bootstrap container is again a class that is used for creating an area in the center of the webpage to place the content. There are row elements which act as containers for columns thereby making a grid system. Rows are used for creating horizontal column groups. Using the function .container,  you can get a responsive design, which will include all the other HTML code.
In order to wrap the content of a page, the function ‘.container’ can be used. Using the same function, the text can be centered.
In total, there are five key components of Bootstrap i.e. CSS (multiple CSS files), Scaffolding (essential for the basic system that consist of Grid system, background and link styles), Layout Components: (shares a list of all layouts), JavaScript Plugins (includes jQuery and JavaScript plugins) and Customization (Allows customization of all components for a desired framework)