What is the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino?


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    Differences Between Raspberry Pi and Arduino

    Raspberry Pi- Raspberry Pi was developed by the Raspberry foundation which is a small-sized computer available at an affordable range. This is a fully-fledged credit card-sized controller device that facilitates the trapping over a computer along with a dedicated processor, memory and graphic card for the additional output.

    They are provided with external memory cards through which you can easily swap the different versions of software updates for the operating system to debug. In accordance with this, it gets easy to install the Linux software and you can also use it as a video game emulator on media streamer by investing little efforts. By using a keyboard or mouse you can easily interact with the programs and can see the monitor.

    Arduino- This is a full-fledged computer that lacks an operating system but they can run the same code which is interpreted by the firmware. With this, the user lost access to the basic tools provided by the operating system but can get access to the flexibility of executing the codes directly without indulging in the operating system.

    For the sensors or devices, it is a better option and it suits as an interface. It is also best suitable for real-time hardware or software applications also it does not require extreme programming skills.

    The basic line of difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino is presented below as follows-

    Raspberry PiArduino
    It is a mini-computer that can run multiple programs under a single time frameIt is a microcontroller which runs the same program again and again
    It is hard to power it with a battery packageIt can be powered with a battery package
    It is quite expensiveIt is available at a lower cost
    It needs complex tasksIt is more inclined
    It can be easily connected to the internet with the help of USB Wi-Fi dongle or Ethernet portTo connect to the internet then need external hardware and it is addressed with the help of codes
    It does not have storage onboard and support SD card portIt has onboard storage

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