List types of internal combustion engine?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Sep 23, 2020


There are many types of Internal combustion engine. Some important types are mentioned below:

On the basis of fuel used

  1. Diesel Engine
  2. Petrol Engine (or Gasoline Engine)

On the basis of strokes per cycle

  1. Two-stroke Engine
  2. Four-stroke Engine

On the basis of the type of ignition

  1. Spark Ignition Engine (S.I. Engine)
  2. Compression-Ignition Engine (C.I. Engine)

On the basis of the arrangement of valves

  1. L-head Engine
  2. I-head Engine
  3. T-head Engine
  4. F-head Engine

On the basis of the type of cycle

  1. Otto Cycle Engine
  2. Diesel Cycle Engine
  3. Dual Cycle Engine

On the basis of the cooling system used

  1. Air-cooled Engine
  2. Water-cooled Engine

On the basis of application

  1. Automobile Engine
  2. Aircraft Engine
  3. Locomotive Engine
  4. Marine Engine
  5. Stationary Engine

The list is not ended here. There are still many more types of Internal combustion engine used in various applications.

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