In the Industrial field, what are the different banking software applications present?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


There are a few different types of banking software. These are-

  • Internet banking system: This system is there for any institution which has a financial approach and also for the customers so that they can do transactions using banks.
  • ATM banking (Automated Teller Machine): For the basic or regular transactions process, ATM can be used. This is an outlet for electronic banking.
  • Core banking system: This banking system has the services which are there for the customers to withdraw money and they can withdraw from any branch of the bank. This service is provided by network branches of the bank.
  • Loan management system: All the details and knowledge regarding the customers when they take money from the bank, is kept under this system.
  • Credit management system: To determine the credit offering details to the customer, handling accounts of credits and maintaining the risk to get lower in such conditions.
  • Investment management system: All the tax details, budget management, investment details, and banking process is done under this system. It is the system to handle money basically under in all these conditions.
  • Stock market management system: Securities and bonds which relates to Financial portfolio are done under this management system.
  • Financial management system: Income, Expenditures are recorded or governed under this system for keeping the track of the accountability of its profit.

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