AngularJS Interview Questions

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AngularJS Interview Questions

html5Mode method of $locationProvider module is used to enable HTML5 mode in Angular 1.x. For creating pretty URLs and removing # from URLs html5Mode need to true.

Enabling html5Mode to true in Angular 1.x.

angular.module('myApp', [])

    .config(function($routeProvider, $locationProvider) {

            .when('/', {
                templateUrl : 'partials/home.html',
                controller : mainController

        // use the HTML5 History API

For testing AngularJS applications there are certain tools that you should use that will make testing much easier to set up and run.


Karma is a JavaScript command line tool that can be used to spawn a web server which loads your application’s source code and executes your tests. You can configure Karma to run against a number of browsers, which is useful for being confident that your application works on all browsers you need to support. Karma is executed on the command line and will display the results of your tests on the command line once they have run in the browser.

Karma is a NodeJS application and should be installed through NPM/YARN. Full installation instructions are available on the Karma website.


Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for JavaScript that has become the most popular choice for testing AngularJS applications. Jasmine provides functions to help with structuring your tests and also making assertions. As your tests grow, keeping them well structured and documented is vital, and Jasmine helps achieve this.

Jasmine comes with a number of matches that help you make a variety of assertions. You should read the Jasmine documentation to see what they are. To use Jasmine with Karma, we use the karma-jasmine test runner.


AngularJS also provides the ngMock module, which provides mocking for your tests. This is used to inject and mock AngularJS services within unit tests. In addition, it is able to extend other modules so they are synchronous. Having tests synchronous keeps them much cleaner and easier to work with. One of the most useful parts of ngMock is $httpBackend, which lets us mock XHR requests in tests and return sample data instead.


Creating a service using the module's factory API is one of the most common ways to create a service. We first create an object, add properties to it and return the same object, which can later be injected into the components like service, controller, filter or directive.

Internationalization is a way to show locale-specific information on a website.It is used to create multilingual language websites.

The RouteProvider and the RouteParams can be used to get the URL parameters in the controller.
As the route wires up the URL to the controller and RouteParams can be passed to the controller to get the URL parameters.

Angualr.JS filters are efficient in modifying the data. With the help of pipe (|) character, they are clubbed into the directive or expression.

UppercaseIt used to convert text to upper case text.
LowercaseIt used to convert text to lower case text.
CurrencyIt is used to formats a number to a currency format.
Order byIt is used to orders the array on the basis of given criteria.
FilterIt is used to order the array to a subset of it on the basis of given criteria.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is used for making rich, extensible web applications. It runs on plain JavaScript and HTML, so you don’t need any other dependencies to make it work.AngularJS is perfect for Single Page Applications (SPA). It is basically used for binding JavaScript objects with HTML UI elements.

Angular form validation and ng-pattern directive can be used to validate the email and phone number in Angular JS.

In order to hide/show the div in AngularJS just get rid of display: none, the rest is in the control. If you want to hide it by default then set the value of scope.myvalue to false.

The HTML pages can be embedded within an HTML page using the ng-include directive.