AngularJS Interview Questions

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AngularJS Interview Questions

In AngularJS $scope.$watch the function is used to create a watch of some variables and $scope.$apply function is used to execute some code and call the $digest function.

Here is the list of cons of AngularJS

    • JavaScript support mandatory

Just be imagine, the devices that access your server but they are disabled for JavaScript. So the users are unable to access into your web apps or website. In the case of a great number of users, AngularJS based web is not so efficient. In spite of this, it is good for plain HTML-based web.

    • Greenness with Model View Controller (MVC)

If you are a developer and wants to do some traditional with almost zilch knowledge of MVC then you are not advised to use the Angular.JS because it will be time-consuming for you. You should hire an expert who has good knowledge of MVC if you are short in time to submit the project

    • The dilemma scopes

If you are fresh in Angular.JS then it will be difficult for you to deal with complex entities such as Quite layered and hierarchically and scopes. Debugging the scope is a believed a very hard task for many programmers.

    • Other difficult features

There are several features of Angular.JS like directives, dependency injection and factories which are hard to use. So, you have to spend a lot of time on it to understand all of them or prefer to hire an expert.

    • Time consumption in old devices

The browser on old computer and mobile are failed or take a little more time to render pages of application and websites designed using the framework. It happens because the browser begins to complete some supplementary tasks like DOM manipulation. But this quibble does not seem in the new devices.

    • Difficult to learn

It is very hard to accustom to the framework. Plus, you may get some additional problems like limited documentation. But Angular.JS continuously make it easier

Compile – It compiles an HTML DOM into a template and produces a template function that is used to link scope and template together. It is executed only once.

Pre-link – It is executed before the child elements are linked.

Post-link – It is executed after the child elements are linked.

The caching is implemented by using a cache object that stores and retrieves data and is primarily used by $templaterequest and script directive to cache the templates.

It is the most common type of dependency on AngularJS application. A service can be mocked in two ways by either getting an instance of actual service using an inject block or by implementing a mock service using $provide.

Angualr.JS filters are efficient in modifying the data. With the help of pipe (|) character, they are clubbed into the directive or expression.

UppercaseIt used to convert text to upper case text.
LowercaseIt used to convert text to lower case text.
CurrencyIt is used to formats a number to a currency format.
Order byIt is used to orders the array on the basis of given criteria.
FilterIt is used to order the array to a subset of it on the basis of given criteria.

.config() – The .config() function is used to add configuration blocks on the module.

.run() - The .run() function is used to add run blocks on the module.

AngularJS provides full support for both the unit and end-to-end testing.

The unit testing is a method that helps the developers validate the isolated pieces of code and end-to-end testing is required when you want to ascertain the set of components integrated together work as you expect.

$templateCache is a Cache object that is created by the $cache factory. The first time you use a template, it is loaded in the $templateCache for easy and quick retrieval.

The track by is used with ng-repeat and describes to AngularJS how it tracks the association between the DOM and the Model. It improves the rendering performance.

Some of the methods supported by $http services are

  • GET
  • HEAD
  • POST
  • PUT

A stateful component is a detail implementation of the component that can change over time and the stateful components can have stateless components inside them, while the stateless components are a plain JavaScript function.

A locale is a particular geographical region. The commonly used locale ID comprises of two parts, the language code, and the country code.

An interceptor is a middleware code in AngularJs where all the $http requests go through. It is attached with $httpProvider service and able to intercept request and response objects. Interceptor Middleware is useful for error handling, authentication and other filters you want to apply on request and response.