Write the approaches used for linking universes?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


There are three approaches to linking universes. These are:

Kernel Universe Approach:

  • In this approach, the one universe contains the core components which are then added to the derived universe.
  • The derived Universe contains the core components of kernel universe as well as its own specific components.
  • If any change is made in the kernel universe, that change also is shown in the derived universe.

Master Universe Approach:

  • The master universe contains all the possible components
  • Some components can be hidden in the derived universe according to the relevance of target users. And the visible components in the derived universe are always a subset of the master universe.
  • In derived classes, new classes and objects can’t be added.
  • Any change made in Master Universe will be reflected in the derived universe.

Component Universe Approach:

  • The two or more than two universes are merged in one universe and made a single universe.
  • The components of all the universes are combined in a single universe.

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