What is a physical tag and logical tag in HTML?

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 22nd Feb, 2018

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    18th Oct, 2019

    Logical tag and physical tag in HTML difference

    The basic difference between logical tags and physical tags are closely related to the concept of HTML. And HTML is a very simple language to learn, which is why most of the beginner level learners start to make web pages without getting deeper into the fundamentals of the language. Logical tags and physical tags come under these important concepts of HTML.

    Both of these concepts along with other such topics can help greatly in designing a web page. Logical tags are also known as structural tags that describe the behavior, nature of the content for the enclosed text. On the page, they present the functions of text. Whereas physical tags define the way a text should be displayed in the browser, controlling their physical characteristics. The fundamental difference between physical tags and logical tags are mentioned below:

    Logical tag Physical tag
    They are designed to mention the meaning of the enclosed text they are designed to provide certain instructions regarding the display of enclosed text
    They carry certain obligations They are extremely straightforward 
    They are used to mention visually impaired texts They are used to indicate the specific characters which need formation
    Its syntax or format is- <Tag Name> character/s to be formatted. <Tag Name> The format used here is- <Tag Name> characters to be formatted. </Tag Name>
    Here the pages are more accessible Page accessibility is comparatively low
    It supports the latest technology This concept is dependent upon the weak tools
    Example of Logical Tags: <strong></strong> tag. This “strong” tag implies that the text is of great importance. Such tags are used by search engines to understand the page for better search results. Example of Physical Tags: <b>, this tag will make the text bold.<i>, this will make the font style of the text italic. So physical tags are simple and straightforward tags that decide the appearance of the text.
    Logical tags are used only to give information about the text, written in the HTML pages. These were invented to provide style to the HTML pages.

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