What are variables in Typescript? How to create a variable in Typescript?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


A variable is a named space in the memory which stores a particular value. While declaring a variable in Typescript, certain rules should be followed like-
  1. A variable name should contain alphabets and numeric digits.
  2. It cannot contain spaces and special characters except underscore (_) and dollar ($) sign.
  3. A variable name cannot begin with a digit.

You should always keep in mind, that a variable should be declared before being used. Variables in Typescript are declared by placing a “var” keyword prior to the variable name. A variable can be declared using 4 methods: –

  • Declare its type and value in one statement.Syntax- var variable_name:string = value;
  • Declare its type but no value.Syntax- var variable_name:string;
  • Declare its value but no type.Syntax- var variable_name = value;
  • Declare neither value nor type.Syntax- var variable_name;

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