Oracle DBA Interview Questions

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Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Here is the list of the tools that help the worker in administering the database.

-Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

The Oracle Universal Installer is great to install for the Oracle software and many other options. It installs the database as it launched the database configuration Assistant all by itself.

-Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)

It is significant to build a database from the database. It can be supplied by the Oracle or you can create it by self. It saves a lot of your precious time and effort managing and creating a database from scratch by replication of preconfigured seed database.

-Database Upgrade Assistant

It is important to keep your database up-to-date. It looks after the update of your present database.

-Oracle Net Manager

It guides you regarding the network of Oracle.

-Oracle Enterprise Manager

It is a very important tool of the Oracle as it manages and maintains the database. It is a web-based linkage. You are able to use Oracle Enterprise Manager as a single entity to maintain your database after a lot of hard work in creating or upgrading the database, design of the Oracle network etc. It is also valuable for the performance advisor as it provides an interface. Moreover, it also provides an interface like SQL* Loader for the Oracle services.

The important tasks of the Common Oracle DBA are mentioned below.

  • The primary task of Common Oracle DBA is the installment of Oracle software.
  • It also creates databases of Oracle.
  • It is efficient in upgrading the software and releasing new software.
  • It helps in starting and closing of the database.
  • It also maintains the database's storage building.
  • It manages users and gives security to the database.
  • It maintains the feature and design such as tables, views, and indexes.
  • If it is necessary it performs the action like recovery and database backups.
  • It prepared itself and monitored the database conditions. It takes the necessary action in case of any problematic issue.
  • In the small field of work a single entity can watch over the tasks but in an enterprising company, it can't be handled to a single person. Therefore, DBAs are hired to perform the tasks who have skills and are experts in their field.

DBA stands for the Database administrator. DBA has the proper rights that can add or remove new users. It can also modify the conditions or opportunities of the user.

Some of its roles in the database are: -

  • It is effective in the maintenance of database storage
  • It also helps in the administration of users and looks after the security.
  • It maintains the scheme objects
  • It controls and maintains database performance.
  • It also helps to do backup and restoration
  • It also watches for the program and mechanizes work.

Oracle has the main theme of storing, creating and managing the database. For this, it has software i.e. Oracle Software which has the system of the physical and logical structure that contains the information of the user, control and much more. Oracle database server is the software that maintains the database. In a simple way, Oracle database system maintains and manages the Oracle and its physical database. Oracle solve its every quibble and try to keep it better. Like fast accessing in the database is possible now because of the functions like data buffer cache.

Moreover, it provides redo logs that take care of any change made in the database. More functions like Data Guard are present to protect the data and provide full security to the database. It also watches over the availability of data and also checks the file record. Data Guard also looks after the physical structure of the database.

Oracle is a database company that stores the data. Oracle stores the data in a very definite way so that client can regain it in a multi-user condition. It is very efficient for the client to access the same data by a few users. It is done in very high performance. Not only this, database prevents the unauthorized access that provides the security to the clients. Moreover, it provides solutions for failure restoration. There is a need for copying that is created by the backup of the primary database which is known as a standby database.