Name a few sectors which use data warehousing?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Mar 13, 2019


Here is a list of the most common sectors which use data warehousing.

  • Airlines

    Used for the purpose such as crew assignment, analysis of profitability, frequent flyers program promotion etc.

  • Banking

    Helps in management of the available resources. Along with the management of market research, performance analysis of product and operations.

  • Healthcare

    This sector uses a data warehouse to strategize and predict outcomes. It also helps in generating patient’s treatment reports, medical aid services, share data with tie-in insurance companies, etc.

  • Public sector

    In this sector, data warehousing is used to gather intelligence. Government agencies use it to maintain and analyze tax records, health policy records, for every individual.

  • Investment and insurance sector

    In this sector, the warehouses come handy in analyzing various data patterns, customer trends and tacking market movements.

  • Retail chain

    As far as the retail chain is considered, data warehousing helps in distribution and marketing. It also helps to track items, customer buying pattern, promotions and also used for determining pricing policy.

  • Telecommunication

    Telecommunication uses data warehousing for product promotions, sales decision along with distribution decisions.

  • Hospitality industry

    This sector uses the warehouse to design and estimate its advertising and promotional campaigns. The main targets are the clients, based on their feedbacks along with travel patterns.

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