Mention the various clauses used in MariaDB?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


It supports almost all types of clauses in RGDBM. For example:

    • MariaDB WHERE clause: For WHERE clause there is 4 statement depending on the selection or change of location. These four statements are INSERT, DELETE, SELECT, and UPDATE.

Syntax: SELECT field1, field2 FROM table_name1, table_name2 WHERE field LIKE conditions.

    • MariaDB Order by clause: In MariaDB, Order By clause is used to set the result in ascending or descending order.

Syntax: Select expressions from table_name Order By expression.

    • MariaDB Distinct clause: This clause is used to delete duplicate records from the table if any.

Syntax: Select Distinct from expressions.

    • MariaDB From clause: The FROM clause is used to fetch the data from the tables.

Syntax: Select columns FROM table;

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