List some Cons or disadvantages of using AngularJS ?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Here is the list of cons of AngularJS

  • JavaScript support mandatory

    Just be imaginative, the devices that access your server but they are disabled for JavaScript. So the users are unable to access your web apps or website. In the case of a great number of users, AngularJS based web is not so efficient. In spite of this, it is good for plain HTML-based web.

  • Greenness with Model View Controller (MVC)

    If you are a developer and want to do some traditional with almost zilch knowledge of MVC then you are not advised to use the Angular.JS because it will be time-consuming for you. You should hire an expert who has good knowledge of MVC if you are short in time to submit the project

  • The dilemma scopes

    If you are fresh in Angular.JS then it will be difficult for you to deal with complex entities such as Quite layered and hierarchically and scopes. Debugging the scope is believed a very hard task for many programmers.

  • Other difficult features

    There are several features of Angular.JS like directives, dependency injection and factories which are hard to use. So, you have to spend a lot of time on it to understand all of them or prefer to hire an expert.

  • Time consumption in old devices

    The browser on old computers and mobile are failed or take a little more time to render pages of application and websites designed using the framework. It happens because the browser begins to complete some supplementary tasks like DOM manipulation. But this quibble does not seem in the new devices.

  • Difficult to learn

    It is very hard to accustom to the framework. Plus, you may get some additional problems like limited documentation. But Angular.JS continuously make it easier

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