List major difference between Protractor vs Selenium?

Pooja Gupta
Pooja Gupta

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Difference Between Protractor and Selenium:

    Protractor: Protractor can be considered when someone is not comfortable in handling the ajax and angular waits when fluent waits are used in the selenium. All the languages that are related to the javascript are supported by the protractor. Frameworks like Jasmine and Mocha are supported by the protractor and it works well with them. The length of the code while using the protector stays long, this is because promises are returned by all of the fetch operations, and those promises have to be solved first. It offers fast performance when it works with Angular applications.

    It is open-source software. The options for the locators are very less. The debugging process is very much time consuming and it needs expertise. Only the person with the knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js can work with Protractor. The framework it has is budding and comparatively hard. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux. It can work with both the angular as well as non-angular pages, although it is specifically designed for the angular pages. Javascript is the only language for which it is available.

    Selenium: Web applications can be automated by using selenium WebDriver with Java or other programming languages. Java, Python, Kotlin, C, C#, and PHP are the languages that are supported by Selenium. There are many frameworks that are supported by the Selenium, some of them are TestNg and Junit. Comparatively, a lesser number of code lines are used when testing with Selenium. The performance of Selenium is faster when it works with the non-Angular web application.

    Just like the Protractor, it is also open-source software. Unlike the protractor, it has many options for the locators. There are some technical skills that are mandatory to work with it and they are Java and TestNG. It has a proven and widely used framework. It is also compatible with both Windows and Linux. The popular programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, Perl, C, and C# can be used to program for Selenium. With Angular pages it works well, however, the issue of page synchronization may crop up. For all the testing needs of the web applications, it offers comprehensive support.

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