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IELTS Interview Questions

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Following are the answers to some basic questions that you must know before appearing in IELTS Interview.

1.What is IELTS?

2. Where do I get tested for IELTS?

3. How do I register for IELTS?

4. How do I register for IELTS?

5. How are IELTS scores calculated?
6. Can I cancel or postpone my IELTS test?
7. Can IELTS test are retaken?
8. What are IELTS speaking topics?
9. What are IELTS speaking topics?
10.What IELTS stands for?
11.Which IELTS required for canada immigration?
12.When IELTS exam is conducted?
13.What IELTS required for canadian immigration
14.Which countries accept IELTS for immigration
15. What was minimum IELTS score for canada immigration 2017